Salaries and HR assistant

Comprehensive support for the outsourcing of payroll accounts and related HR procedures.

Why have an external payroll office and HR administration?

  • You will reduce the flow of information about who is paid how much and improve the organizational climate.
  • You will reduce the job’s direct and indirect costs.
  • You will grow more quickly if you delegate some administration to us.
  • You will be relieved of concerns that are unrelated to the business.


It’s simple. Call our office at 00386 590 96 350 or send an email to

Our payroll expert will  explain:

  • how the cooperation will take place,
  • what data you will provide each month and in what format.

How is the monthly cooperation with 
an outside office conducted?

  • You send us the data we need to calculate salaries once a month, at the agreed-upon time.
  • We will prepare the invoices for the specified date and send them to you for approval.
  • Following confirmation, we prepare payrolls, payment files, and perform the required reporting.
  • Import the payment file into your online banking and transfer salaries in a matter of seconds.


  • The procedure for insuring a new employee or deregistering from insurance is conducted (M forms)
  • Preparation of required documentation and employment declarations.
  • Concern for the orderliness and completeness of employees’ personal files.
  • Organizing new employee safety and health training.
  • Medical examinations for new employees are organized.
  • Keeping employee records.
  • Implementation of mandatory procedures for foreign employees.
  • Other.


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